Overseas Governments and accountants may sometimes require Hong Kong property owners, to submit property valuation reports/real estate appraisal reports to show the values of properties situated in Hong Kong.

Property Valuation reports must be conducted by qualified valuers/appraisers/surveyors. experienced in Hong Kong property valuation (e.g. HKIS members, Registered Professional Surveyors – General Practice).

Local professional surveyors are proficient in assessing values of Hong Kong properties. Property valuation reports prepared by a Hong Kong valuation surveyor are accepted by authorities worldwide.

Licensing authorities of valuation surveyors in Hong Kong:

  • Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS)
    HKIS is a local professional organization established in 1984.
  • Surveyors Registration Board
    Maintains a register of Registered Professional Surveyors under The Surveyors Registration Ordinance (Cap. 417)

Jointgoal Surveyors Ltd was founded in Hong Kong in 1993 by members of HKIS and Registered Professional Surveyors. Our property valuation reports are adopted by government authorities and consulates internationally.

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